Step 2: Speaking Test

Selected Exam – B2 Business Vantage (Registration Open)

Selected Exam

Location: Zürich
Type: Computer-based
Package: Flex
Fee: CHF 385.00
Late entry fee: CHF 50.00
Written exam date: 21.02.2020
Speaking Test

Speaking Test Date

Please select your speaking test date. All interviews are conducted in pairs. If you don’t provide a name, a Speaking Test Partner will automatically be assigned to you.

Please select a date.

Interview Partner

Both candidates must indicate the requested speaking partner, however pairing cannot be guaranteed.

Options Flex

In the event of illness, accident, breakdown of public transportation or car failure or if you have failed the exam by 3 points or less, the "Exam Retake Option" allows you to retake your exam for free.

Please note the summary of Terms and Conditions regarding the "Exam Retake Option"